Bye bye 2013

Life is the amazing gift of time and oppurtunity .. 

The gift of  2013 has just been moved into the great archive of yesterday, and the obvious question is What has it been to me, besides just the passing of time?

I can't help but wonder at the different ways that  these 365 days have made this life of mine a richer place for me and for those that  I love?
Why else would I be given the wonder of  a fresh new year now?

We're given the Year 2014 to invest effort and capacity in, and invest  hopes and laughter and tears in ---  with the hope of fullfillment, love, light and beauty..for us all.

2013 took my mother from me -- but gave instead a legacy of immeasurable value to cultivate and cherish and uphold - this is my hope for 2014  

2013 has given me immense pride in the most wonderful children that I have been given to share my life with -- each of them in their own beautiful way, and with their own unique capacity to warm my heart - My greatest hope for 2014

2013 has given me thousands and thousands of  wonderful moments with the woman of my dreams ... 
2014 - Here we come!!

Edgar Massey 2014-01-01

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