Upphärad 2007-05-06


To Ellen:

As you fulfil this cultural step of 'confirmation' in Christian understanding

There are many different stages in the process of maturity, and we as parents have been given the special privilege of a front row seat in observing (and admiring) most of them. To me this step you are taking is especially fascinating, and especially thought-provoking  as it is a step that I personally never have taken – But then, I understand that growing up, with the many different aspects of personal development in life is always individual and distinctive.  This is what makes your person so unique and special to us, and makes you special to all your friends and acquaintances in the world that you have been placed in.  Ellen, we love you and are so proud of you!

In the future, one of the major challenges in life will be to synchronize the noble goals and aspirations that you have learned and have chosen to pursue,  with the realities of living in an ordinary flaw ridden world. A world often filled with heaps of 'the unexpected' -- filled with ample opportunity for failure -- and filled with enormous 'grey-zones' in day to day life that defy many of the definitions of 'good and proper' that you thought you understood.

Another challenge you will face (as we all are) is to find ways to invest time, and thought and resourses on what you believe in and what is honourable and right, when the simple cares and responsibilities of the day have emptied every minute in every hour, -- and exhausted every good thought your brain can put together, and drained every ounce of strength for 'doing' --  There is never enough time or strength for everything that could be done. Learn to separate the non-essentials in each day, to leave capacity for  a smile for the cranky – a helping hand for the needy – or a word of understanding to the scraped and bruised.  Often these little things, although they take very few moments of your time, are the best investments of the day.

Your life is before you Ellen  -- fill it with all these good things that we know you understand!!

From your mom and dad with all best wishes