To mom on New Years day 2010


This is meant as a little tribute to you mom. We understand that you have gone over one of the harder bumps on the road of life these last couple of years, but as we all knew you would, you have done it with all dignity and honor.  We admire how you have accepted the period penned at the end of the previous chapter of your life, and how bravely you now have written the captions of this present chapter. We are glad for how you so beautifully fill the pages of each day in this chapter  with beauty and happiness. This is a beauty and happiness that we have the privelage of sharing with you.

However there have never been periods written in your capacity of mother to us … I have 63 years of experience of this – and I am glad for every one of them – latest but not least these last ten years.  With small children, mothers are often confronted with the challenge of understanding and caring for their loved ones in situations where solutions are out of range.  The bully down the street .. the painful bruises of a stubbed toe or  injured dignity, the lost things that won’t be found etc. The miracle of a mothers lullaby is not in solving these issues .. but simply in changing focus so that a new day will find fresh and new roads to happiness and fulfillment regardless these  imperfections in  the environment around us..  

I have tried to pass this on to my children. When Emma graduated from nurses training a few years ago, I wrote a little note to her and said  “In your school you have learned all the most modern and scientific principles to enable you to make a difference for the folks you care for – wonderful things… apply them with all your heart, but your own fulfillment and the greatest challenge of your future is likely more dependent on how you honorably  learn to deal with the faults and flaws in the people, systems and policies that you work and live with.  Regard this as a challenge rather than as an obstacle in your way. Find a way to live and happily work  inspite of the defects and flaws in people and systems that will not change.  This does not mean acceptance of what is wrong -- but entails  the wisdom of retaining integrity and courage, as one does their best to navigate around the idiotic and the unreasonable  in the world that  is ours to live in. 

I have taken a litte clip from a well known song, that to me, describes at least a little bit of what you are and have been  to me as a mom. Hope you understand what I mean.

 On your side (Simon And Garfunkel)