Upphärad, Sweden

Sorry that I can't be with you as you celebrate your 90th. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't been with you on your birthday much (if any time at all) the last 40 years. The 20 years before that, I think I did a little better!

Living 90 years is, without a doubt, a noteworthy achievement that few achieve. However for some of us, the 'being a dad for 60 years' is likely the accomplishment that we appreciate most.

Being (or becoming) a good father is likely one of the hightest priorities in my life at the moment – and through the enormous grey-zones of less than obvious answers, to countless important questions that no one even asks – I find myself turning to a fundemental principle that seemed important to you back when you were growing up. ”Trust the convictions so beautifully placed within you, and be willing to stand for them, and for what is true and honourable, even if you must do it alone. If I should get to be 90, and if there is just one thing that my children remember as a heritage important to me, this is also what I hope it will be.

Christian teaching is that social understanding and sincere respect for the folks we live amongst (our 'neighbor') was ultimate in importance for fundimental moral integrety. The day-to-day will and capacity to express simple, genuine interest and share a smile (or a tear) without the destructive burden of a personal agenda to fullfil, is also a wonderful legacy that you pass on to us Dad.

Seems that our society today is quite filled with an unceasing sales pitch of 'we know best folks' with many impressive ideas and doctrines (and efforts to influence and change) – Dad, this basic simple interest and admiration for the ordinary folks arround you, 'for what they are, and as they are' as you go up and down your hallways, is what I wish for my children. There are few other attitudes that have equal means to fill each day with wholesome life.

Congratulations on your 90th – We are thinking of you today, and wishing you and mom, all the very best.

Your son,

Edgar and Mireille – Nona(6), Eleanore(9), Alfons(12), Ellen(14), Rebecka(15), Oscar(17), Michaela(19) and Emma(24)


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