2010-12-29 Upphärad

On the occasion of her baptism ceremony in the Swedish Lutheran church

To our wonderful daughter Eleanore,

I have decided to write this to you, with the thought in mind of the choice you personally have made to take this step into the ritual of Swedish culture and religious value. Your mother and I made the choice when your were born to leave this decision to you. It is one of the first major choices in life we have left completely in your hands. We have promised you, as we have Rebecka, Ellen and Alfons that we would be equally proud of you, and supportive of you, regardless how you should choose in this matter. We are proud of you Eleanore and we love you.

One of the more important forces in personal life for us all, is the force of inspiration. As we begin a day .. or begin a class .. or begin a project, task or even a social relationship , the optimism and positive feeling we take with us, will likely define our success or failure equally as much as any of the other resources we possess (such as knowledge or capacity).

Finding ways to enter each day with sufficient hope and positive energy to navigate through the inevitable disappointment, discouragement and failure of an ordinary day is a major challenge – The question to be answered is ”Where can we look to find and lay hold on the inspiration and positive feeling that will propel our daily lives into happiness and fulfilment?”.

Religion is sometimes one of the tools folks attempt to use to find and maintain inspiration in life and it has its merits and value, also has my respect – but my warning is that it is not a single 'cure all' that it sometimes would imply – And in some cases it may be wise to remember Jesus words ”Do as they say, not as they do”

If you actively look for it and sift out the negative that there always will be, you will find inspiration hope and positive conviction all around you in your life and in our society – In the friends you spend time with – in the song texts you listen to on the media .. the principles taught in the schools you go to – and in every wholesome institution and honourable faucet of the world given for us to live in. And of course, don't forget the amazing volume of inspiration and love to be found in the less privileged and less appreciated folk in our communities.

Eleanore .. If you maintain the will to be, and to keep inspired, I promise that there is inspiration in great abundance all around you, every where you turn – Make it your own.

Your dad and mom