Rebecka as you become 20 ,

I have tried to write something for each of my children as they pass some of the more important milestones in life. So for some time now, I have been trying to figure out something to say on your 20th birthday. Possibly this will be just as much about me and your mom, as it is about you Becka.

When you were born we were filled with an extremely strong love and purpose to do the very best we could, to give you the very best upbringing we were capable of. As long as you were in our care we have always wanted to do our utmost, to give you the very best atmosphere and environment, possibilities and capacity for a fulfilling and happy life. Rebecka ,this has always been our hope and our aim, but as time has passed we have sometimes found that we haven't always been sure of all the answers There are more variables in the lives of children, than even parents can always plan for or deal with sometimes the  limitations in our capacity in this way have distressed us.

But now this is all history  Rebecka – Your 'upbringing' is behind you – you are no longer 'in our care' – our legal obligations are gone now as you turn 20 – But Rebecka,  we are still your mom and dad – we always will be – whatever happens, we will always love you – and we always will hope and wish for your very, very best.

Our greatest wish now is that we will be the best possible parents to you as an adult child. I have had the privilege of a wonderful mom and dad doing their very best in support and encouragement the 45 years that have passed since I left their home and daily care. This has been a wonderful asset to me in the different turns and bends in the journey of my life  and I hope we can be the same to you. Being parents to adult children is different in many ways – but the the driving force is exactly  the same as the day you were born – a burning interest in your welfare and well being.

Hope that you can understand and trust our motives in the different ways that we touch each others lives and feelings now on this adult stretch of the road of your life.

Wishing you the very best

Your mom and dad


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