It began when I was little, and you and grandpa came to visited me and my brother and sisters in our school when you talked about Canada and gave out cinnamon buns and little Canadian flags to all my class mates A memory that my friends still speak about today. I was such a proud little girl that day, and still am enormously proud to have you as my grandma.

Even if you live so far away from us, I feel that we have a special grandmother-grandchild relationship. I am always so happy when we speak on the phone and I always tell my friends about it but I miss you and wish I could see you more often. Just now I live in England, but it is one step closer to Canada, and whatever happens, I still hope sometime to move to Canada.

When I decided to write this to you grandma, also wanted to give you a song. I have looked and looked for a song that was perfect for you grandma I found many different songs, but finally I went through dads collection of songs and found this one.

I love you grandma, you are the best of the best. I hope I can come and see you soon.

Many hugs and kisses from your granddaughter