With his proud aunty and uncle


Background: The vast majority of Swedish children are baptised into the Swedish church as small children in a religious ceremony. However for the vast majority of these parents, it is not done  for any percieved religious significance, but rather for the cultural and traditional beauty in the celebration of a new family member.  This non-religious motivation for baptism can seem somewhat hypocritical, in some ways, to some people, so in an effort to preserve the beauty of the family celebration, some people choose instead to arrange a civil, non-religious celebration of the arrival of their child . This has been the choice of Nathalie and Nicklas for their children. They call it a 'naming ceremony'.

To Elias Claeyssens  on the occasion of his naming ceremony 2013-05-04


This is all about Elias!!  -- Elias and I went for a little walk last evening just to think a bit about this ceremony for him today. Its not all that easy to get your mind arround something like this when you are 1 year old -- hardly when you are 66 either!! It is called a 'naming' celebration -- but he already has a name??   After thinking about it all, we have decided that we have found a song (by a Canadian singer) that expresses Elias feelings on the matter quite well and we would like you to listen to this 40 second clip from Bryan Adams song. Listen carefully, the words are important.

HereIAmThisIsMe.mp3 (may take a few seconds to load!)

Don't you think that this song fits Elias situation very well today? A new world for him.  And him being with us, it is also a new world for us--

I spent a major part of my life involved in religion, and within religion there is an interesting common concept refered to as  'eternity' or 'everlasting life. Back in that 'religious' period of my life I remember marveling over the miricle of a new baby -- as within that context a new baby represents the begining of something wonderful  that has no end -- a 'soul' that  will continue 'forever'. 

My belief system has changed somewhat since then, but I still find the thought of a new life being born amongst us, to be a completely amazing event -- quite beyond our capacity of comprehension. This wonderous little life in my arms at the moment,  is about to make impressions on us and on our world, that are meant to be permanent --They may be very small impressions, but they are impressions that nothing will be able to erase.  Today and this celebration, are permently a part  of our memories -- Everytime that this little lad shines with the little 'half-smile',  that I know him for, it warms and softens my heart and makes my world a little brighter -- Hopefully it also will have made the world a little bit of a better place for everyone else  that our lives may touch -- forever!!.  In fact it is the kind of enormous power in that little unassuming smile that is the ONLY kind of thing that has the capacity to make this world a better place for everyone that's  in it.

Before long a wonderful thing is going to start  happening with this beautiful little fellows life -- This pretty little head is going to begin to fill itself with memories, and dreams and with longings and with feelings, and with hope and with plans -- This is life as it was meant ot be, and it is quite wonderful.    Sometimes I think that the 'here and now' of life is over-rated. It is the dreams we have and strive for, and the memories that life creates within us that are lifes greatest resource and the thing that will paint the most beautiful picture in our lives.  Our memories have the capacity to even re-write reality and make pain and tears into something beautiful -- to re-write exaustion and the very edge of 'giving up',  into the finest of fullfillment and satisfaction. Never under-estimate the wonder and power of a memory. 

Let us all do our best to help this little fellow to fill his life with the very best of memories, and the very best of hopes and dreams and plans and purposes. It will make both his world, and our world a better place.

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