Ruth Massey 1921 -2013

Dealing with difference

Now that mom is gone Where do we go from here? What can we take with us from her into the chapters and challenges of life that lie before us now? She has been such a wonderful example to us all.

One of the greatest legacys from mom that I hope to take with me (and that I hope to pass on to my children in my turn) is the most wonderful capacity she had to be a 'Bridge over troubled water' in the challenge of helping us to 'deal with difference' -- in the white waters of human relations that are obviously a real part of life for us all.

As children, mom always taught us that in personal conflict, the optimal was to, in humility, do our best to resolve our difference, forgive, and then continue in harmony.

However as life has taught us, not all 'difference' is resolvable, (and fortunately it doesn't need to be). Mom was clear in her teaching that 'difference' should never be resolved at the expence of ones integrity and moral principle. The principle of the 'bridge over troubled waters' solves the problem of 'difference', when this 'difference' is beyond the context of resolution, but the journey needs to go on leaving the scum of turbulence behind.

The immoveablility and  obstinence in the rocks in the rapids below, will never allow 'the flow'  to be a peaceful stream -- but  'a bridge' like the spirit of mom, makes it possible to navigate beyond this turmoil and  continue on to the still waters further on, that will then refresh and inspire with all the dignity and moral honor that was meant to be.

Love you for this mom! Thank you, and this song is just you.

Your son

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