May 2017 be a good one!


2016 has painted some scenes of amazing beauty into our family life
Things that make me so very proud of the folks close to me Proud of them as they have dealt with the pain in enormous tragedy and also proud of them as they have confronted some of the high points of joy, achievement and sucess in the 365 days of this passing year. Thank you, !

Unfortunately world developments have cast some major shadows on what the future could seem to have in promise.

The arrogant indifference shown to major suffering and tragedy in the world beyond our borders is discouraging .. The violence and suffering that political interests have demanded of ordinary people makes us ashamed of some of the political forces that influence our world.

Even more disturbing is the
apparent moral meltdown in a heritage of honorable values we have known. Values that have been selfishly and carelessly discarded in major world politics of leading nations and organizations that we have trusted .

Perhaps the challenge most acute for 2017 will be for us as individuals to personally be willing to stand alone in our communities (if we must), for the basic honorable principles and moral values we believe in and trust.

Simple values like respect and integrity for all our fellowmen,, kindness, non-violence, justice ,respect for genuine truth and reality, compassion and empathy for the downtrodden and less fortunate

Will we dare to stand for and openly support our inner belief in what is right 2017?
Or will we just 'look the other way'?



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