The darker side


I have given this section the title "The darker side" as it is documention of a chapter of my (our) lives that although it  left us with considerable regret for the many years of involvment,  still was the reason for my immigration to Sweden 1973, where today I have all  that means most to me in life. 

Events and writings regarding the murky and morally deficient religious organization '2x2ism' that I was involved in for many years.

As some will know .. since our exit from the group 2001, I have involved myself extensivley in some of the quite complex and sensitive issues in 'cult exit' and 'cult recovery'.

Please notice the account below regarding the ongoing 2x2 moral meltdown in Vietnam -- a show of complete contempt for the beautiful Christian spirit.

This is the spot in Stockholm!

2013 - Vietnam hostile takeover   (Update 2018-03-10)

2006 - Our story

2001 Exit writings